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Beyond the Compass

Beyond the Compass…New Creative Perspectives

A guided voyage through uncharted waters. Discover hidden treasures buried within as we sail close to the wind, navigate off the map and into new realms in dance design. Join us as we put to sea with our tools of the trade which will stimulate the development of your own aesthetic and consider how to reflect and express from the core to the edges and beyond.
Mapping short cuts on the way through physical improvisations, theatrical games and dance based exercises tailor made to broaden your horizons.

Geared towards intermediate dancers wishing to create or develop their own choreography and realize creative potential. We will guide participants in a safe environment using phrasing, mind mapping, sequential triggering, spacial relations, shapes, formations and encompassed awareness.  Taking elements of modern dance and imagery combined with Tribal Fusion, explore architecture within combinations through fun games and clever tricks.

A fourteen hour package over three days, comprising of six workshops and one lecture with the option of solo and duet performance created exclusively for this project.

Contact Samantha or Tjarda for detailed information on how to bring this tour to your area.


Written by samanthaemanuel

September 15, 2009 at 8:59 am

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